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I haven't done a real journal in awhile but i gotta rant about something, you know what's been getting on my nerves lately? Cuteness. Or rather people that are just trying WAY too hard to be cute, most of the time its girls but trust me I've seen more than one guy go this road. Where do I fucking begin with this crap? Its insufferable and its EVERYWHERE, these bitches pull up in a chat room with some rp-ed bs like: *noms on cookie* hoi guys wuts goin on? any1 wun snugle? Because being a grammatical masochist is ADORABLE apparently, I'm not usually a Nazi about that, I misspell things all the time and leave it because I'm a lazy asshole. But they obviously aren't lazy about that because they gave the effort in their rp bullshit, and intentionally misspelled that shit because not being able to spell is so damn endearing. And if that weren't enough, its when you get a person like this in a skype call, you're just having a whatever conversation in a group then this high pitched-fractured-Japanese-spewing mother fucker comes in and demands all your fucking attention. And when I say fractured Japanese I don't mean they're actually Japanese and can't speak English well, NO I mean that this is some dumb English speaking weeabu chanting words like 'KAWAII' 'DESU' and "NANI'! YOU DON'T SPEAK JAPANESE! YOU WATCH YOUR FUCKING ANIME WITH THE SUBTITLES ON!! Oh and by the way, unless you suck helium on an hourly basis, THAT IS NOT WHAT YOUR FUCKING VOICE SOUNDS LIKE! Stop trying to get your voice up to Minnie Mouse levels and deal with the fact that you have an ordinary voice and all those cover vocals on your youtube channel are SHIT. And you just KNOW everyone of these fuckers just has a youtube channel full of those god forsaken covers, which they WILL link to you over and OVER again until you comment or some shit.

Oh and lets not forget that when one tasteless idiot finally calls these bimbos cute they put the act that they don't like it, "nnuuuuuh stahp dat, I not cute guyyss I'm kewl" Shut the hell up and take the compliment you obviously worked SO HARD to get.

You know who actually hates being called cute? ME. Cuz now anytime I think of the word cute I think of these brainless airheads and how that's the last thing I EVER want to be.

I feel better now...
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And in Castle Sweet Castle, and the upcoming episode, Stranger than Fanfiction, there is Daring Do and the Riddle Sphinx which has the sphinx in the appropriate egyptian theme.……
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